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Poker Hints

One of the most common beginners mistakes is playing to many hands. If you want to be successful poker player you should know when to fold.

Pre-flop Hands

There are 5 categories of pre-flop hands :

1.Best Hands - AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK
These hands should almost always be played. You should raise and re-raise with them to jam the pot as much as possible

2. Good Hands - TT, 99, AQ, KQ
These hands should generally be played. These hands do best with less people, so you should raise to knock people out. Don`t re-raise with them.

3. Quite Good Hands - A-J, A-T, K-J, Q-J, 10-J
Treat these hands with caution. Don`t call a raise with them

4. Drawing Hands - 98, 87, 76 suited
95% of the time You will lose with these hands. But 5% of the time, these hands are amazing i.e. if you hit a straight or flush

5. Folding Hands - 27, 39, 49, etc
You should never play with these hands

Flop Hands

Once you hit the flop, you will be in one of four situations:

1. You are winning but have a beatable hand, e.g. you hold A A and the board is K Q 7. You want to jam the pot to knock people out.

2. You have a best hand - e.g. you have A A and the board is A Q 7. You will win so there is no reason to knock people out too early. Start raising and re-raising at the turn.

3. You have the second-best hand - e.g. you have A J and the flop comes K J 4. In this case, treat the hand as a drawing hand or simply fold.

4. You have a drawing hand - you have two hearts and there are two on the board. For these hands, you must use outs and pot odds.

5. You have nothing - e.g. you have 9 9 and flop is K D 2. Just fold at the first bet.
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